Sunday, October 2, 2011

Communication, an IT industry perspective

Does anyone else in software development and sustenance field thinks that actual work, the real work which brings quality to a product, is done by fixing the bugs, and not just by reporting it?

A sustenance (or maintenance) team usually contains two essential parts - development and testing (technical names may vary.) The communication between these two small teams is crucial for customer satisfaction and not just personal financial gains, though its part of it. But then, who wants to get up and walk to the other team member and say, "Hey! I found this crazy bug here... can you fix it?" Very few.

Most of the teams think reaching out to other teams or projects is not their job. They rather shove it in management's behind - "Let them initiate a formal channel." If you work under the style where each team is divided to the extent that they cannot work together without the involvement of superiors, there is something wrong there. I was thinking of designing a flow chart for the problem identification, but it would defeat the purpose of this post. :) We need action to resolve the problem, not just identify and report it.

But in short, if you are not allowed to reach out to the teams and individuals, the problem may very well be in the style of working. The problem may be in the rules that govern the working environment. Locate the problem and find a way which works best to diffuse the problem. This, is troubleshooting.

Communication, even in its bare essential, is terrifyingly important. Its meant to be practiced, or suffer consequences.

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