Sunday, October 24, 2010

Replace Files - v2.0

I've never mentioned this project on my blog before. This is based on the requirement when you have to place a file somewhere in a directory (maybe many locations) and you do not know where. This is a search and replace tool which will do the job for you, only in smarter way.

Short steps on how to use
  1. Select source folder where your new files are.
  2. Select destination folder where you want your files to be replaced to.
  3. If you don't know exact target folder, you may select "Recursive" option (it will search in sub-folders too).
  4. If you are worried about taking a backup before replacement, you can select that option too. The original file will be renamed to <original-name>.old. Just beware that if you replace the files again with backup feature on, the original old file will be overwritten.
  5. Select the type of files that you are operating on. eg. - *.exe, *I*don't*know*, H?ll*.txt, mspaint.exe [;)] etc. These patterns are based on normal DOS search wildcards.
  6. If there are some files that you want to avoid to be operated on, put them in Exclude list section. These do not use wildcards. eg. - if you want to avoid EXE files (search filter: *.exe) with name containing obsolete, then you add a filter by the same name. Hence, out of these files - abc.exe, aobsoletebc.exe, haha.obsolete.exe - only abc.exe will be searched and replaced.
  7. Click Find button. Wait for it to finish.
  8. Once done, the files which differ in target locations are highlighted in yellow color. You have option of deleting the list items, if you don't want them to be replaced.
  9. Click "Set up" button, and it's done. If you will run Find again immediately, then you can see that there will empty lists (unless you manually intervened.) This is a sign that your files are already placed.

  1. CRC32 based accurate checks for file content.
  2. Fast file search.
  3. Option available to use GAC Util (for assemblies to be put in ASSEMBLY folder in Windows). For this, for now, you have to run this tool from Visual Studio Command Prompt. That way, it locates the gacutil.exe. Supports Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010.
  4. You can run external diff tools from inside the tool. It has been configured by default for Winmerge (still need some more testing on that), but if you use any other diff tool, provide the path in the Configure->Options menu.

Version 2.0 is the first public release. So don't worry, you have not missed earlier versions :)
Please report bugs here.
Download: Zipped Binaries

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