Saturday, October 16, 2010

Auto Save in Paint - ver 1.7

Auto Save in Paint is back! :)

In the last post, I said that I was out of ideas on how to go further on with this project. Thanks to the users of this tool (special thanks to tflamb!) I got some nice inputs. Seems like I am not the only one who likes it :)

So, what is new in this version? Here is the list:
  1. Options menu - Tflamb and I discussed on the behavior of MS Paint in different OS version. The tool was originally created on Windows XP. MS Paint of XP has different save algorithm than that in Windows 7. In Windows 7, default MS Paint seems perform both ways - sometimes it will bloat up an image, other times, it will shrink it good. Now with option available to choose an application which can do the save part, you can use your own tool. For example: you have MS Paint from Windows XP copied on Windows 7 in some folder, and you want XP Paint to run with this tool rather than Win 7 Paint. Now, you can do it. Just browse to the file location where your tools is kept and you're done.
  2. Don't ask again option - If the constant pop-us bother you, you can disable them. This information goes into a .config file which is created in the folder where your application resides. It's XML file.
  3. Some minor segregation of the projects (source code) - I am providing source code of the "main" tool in this version. This is by demand too! :) But remember that I've not provided all the source files. There are some custom libraries that I have created (as DLLs) and they can be used for building up the code. You can set them in references, and I hope you'll be able to build the code. (I'll not go into details here on how to configure projects and all.)
If there is any bug that you have found, or are unable to build the code, please let me know.

Thanks again for using Auto Save in Paint! :)

Download links for Auto Save in Paint v1.7:
Release Binaries
Source Code


  1. Sweet update! Thanks for incorporating a few suggestions.

    I did find a minor bug, at least on Windows 7. If open options, whether I make any changes or not, if try to close the box without a path to use custom app, get error "The file [] doesn't exist! Please enter a valid file path."

  2. Thanks tflamb! You're correct. I'll be fixing this bug and providing the update. Thanks!


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