Sunday, May 2, 2010

Auto Save in Paint - ver 1.6

This is latest version of AutoSavePaint application. Nothing major, but some fixes.

  1. Busy icon was not properly showing. Fixed now.
  2. The icons to show the job status (red, green, orange) were not properly showing sometimes. Fixed.

The next version will take some time as there is nothing much to be fixed right now. And I have to think about new features (I don't have any idea!) =)

If you would like to see some better changes, please provide feedback.

Updated Download Link: Auto Save in Paint 1.6

Update 1-Aug-2010:
I have tested and experimented this tool on Win XP, and it works great. But after trying it on Win 7, it seems that the Paint application of Win 7 works differently. The results can be opposite. I observed a 41 KB JPEG file turning to 62 KB after saving it.

This tool works fine. Since it is dependent on external application (Paint here), the saving algorithm may vary, and so do the results.


  1. The Paint Autosave link doesnot work. Can you upload it again?

  2. You can download it here ->

  3. Hello, I tried to install your app but get error "Cannot download the application. The application is missing required files."

    I extracted from the zip, the listed files are setup.exe, AutoSavePaint.application, AutoSavePaint_1_6_0_0.application. There is also a subfolder of AutoSavePaint_1_6_0_0 with files of AutoSavePaint.exe.manifest and AutoSavePaint.exe.deploy

    I am on XP SP2 with .NET 3.5.

  4. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. It indeed is a bug. While I fix it, you can still use the application.

    Simply, rename the file "AutoSavePaint.exe.deploy" to "AutoSavePaint.exe"

  5. Thanks for workaround.

    Very sweet program. Saves me a ton of time as was manually doing what that program does automatically.

    Now if support folder drop and drop... :D

    Thanks again for the time saver.

  6. It does support files/folders drag and drop. Is it not working for you?

  7. Oops you are right it is working now that I tried it again. Sorry about that.

    Heh, think this might be my favorite new program. For some reason just tickled as ms paint opens and closes while watching the file sizes drop.

    Thanks again.

  8. Hello again. Learned something new about Auto Save in Paint might want to be aware of if do future revisions, specifically for Windows 7 (or maybe Office 2010).

    I got a new machine with Windows 7 and Office 2010 installed. Not sure which installed it but it came with a newish version of MS Paint. This version does not have quite the file shrinkage capability of the XP and older versions, as in really none, barely 10% based on a few quick tests.

    On the bright side there is a workaround since mspaint.exe remains that rare self-contained program. This assumes you have or can get hold of your old XP install.

    I renamed the Win 7 mspaint.exe, then copied over the XP mspaint.exe. Now when AutoSavePaint or run > MSPaint is launched, it uses the old version and get back that file shrinkage capability.

    This leads to my suggestion that you may need to package the older (and smaller) version of MSPaint with AutoSavePaint and provide a settings option for users to change which program to invoke.

  9. Thanks again for taking time to test it. About Paint application on Win 7, I had updated this post on 1st Aug with the same conclusion as yours. Paint application on Win 7 has got different algorithms and hence the file size's don't shrink significantly.

    However good your ides is (to package Pain from Win XP to Win 7), I cannot do it officially as it might violate some of the copyrights/rules of Microsoft.

    What I can do, is to make the tool configurable to call an application whose name and path you can set. This way, if you copy Paint (of XP) to Win 7 with some different name, then it will be invoked instead of the default Paint (Win 7).

    But actually, this goes against the idea of strictly using Paint. What if you configure the application to use GIMP?? The name and purpose of this tool are ruined =))

    Think about it and please do provide your ideas. Thanks!

  10. I see the issue but to me the main goal of the program is to take a volume of pics whose size is pointlessly large file size and shrink them automatically with a program that does it best. In this case, good old non-Win7 mspaint.

    Its like any program with settings, you provide your default recommendations but if the user chooses to make changes, that is their choice and understanding that mileage may vary. At least with the settings, people will still have the potential option to use the program as intended even if get a new computer (that likely will only come with Win 7).

    As for adding MSPaint to the package, I imagine it wouldn't be a problem as Microsoft doesn't bother to enforce small scale things like that (look at all the DLLs and core system files can find online). Alternatively guess could just provide links to places that may already have a copy.

    Another suggestion, if decide to do the settings thing, any chance of enabling ability to kill the "Are you sure you want to quit?" when closing the program? Maybe one of those check box that ask "Do not display this message in the future" or a simple toggle.

    And while writing did notice a maybe bug. Or maybe it is intentional design, not sure. If do Add > Folders, no problems. But if drag and drop, it has to be the direct parent folder of the images, not the "grandparent" folder for the program to load the pics. By this I mean the path is grandparent\parent\bunches of images. If drag grandparent to box, nothing happens. If drag parent, works as expected. Since Add works but drag doesn't, wasn't sure if this was a design feature to prevent mistakes.

    If this all seems like moaning its not. I do use this program at least once or twice a week and have made sure to back it up five ways to Tuesday just to make sure have it in the future. Really just a fan :D

  11. I am very happy that you liked my little utility :)

    About your points:
    1) I think I'll implement the settings option to customize the third party application used here (instead of default MS Paint).

    2) I still won't get involved in putting up old XP Paint application for the same old reasons. There are many application which do this - you can choose whatever application you like for a custom task, but they do not provide those applications. I will only provide this utility, not the third party utilities.

    3) I intentionally put a pop-up message when quitting. This was fueled by the fear "what-if-quit-event-message-was-sent-to-my-util-instead-of-paint?" That way my app would have quit instead of Paint, and would break the flow. But still "Do not display this message in the future" will be done. Just make sure that if this app quits abnormally, then it was because of interference of human (app focus changed to this util instead of Paint).

    4) Drag-n-Drop was designed that way only. Imagine if what you wanted was there and you by mistake dropped "D:\"? It will go on searching for all the JPEGs in the whole drive. Quite annoying, isn't it? If you want recursive loading, use "Add Folder" with "Recursive" check-box enabled.

    I have discovered that "Add Folder" option crashes the util on Win 7. Maybe I'll fix this too while creating new version.

    Thanks once again for writing back! :)


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