Monday, February 22, 2010

Auto Save in Paint - ver 1.5

Good news! The application just got simpler!! :)

I feel that a small tool should not be complex. Even if its filled will complex algorithms, the user should not feel intimidated by it.

In this version, 1.5, of AutoSavePaint, I have removed two lists to show the input and output. Rather, you just load file on one list and there it gets processed. Drag and drop and other features are still maintained.

Read more details about the tool here.

Features Added:
1. Recursion - If you wish to select images from a folder and its sub-folders, you can do that now. No need to go into each and every directory and add images. How to use? When you select a folder, just make sure that the 'Recurse' check-box is selected. That's it!
2. Progress report - Now you can see how much work has the tool done in a progress bar. Looks good too!
3. Toolbar - I removed the buttons on side and moved the functionality in the toolbar buttons. Clearer and compact interface.
4. Reduced Size - The file size of the application got smaller. This helps in loading it faster!
5. Icons - :)

For programmers, the news is - I wrote 3 custom controls and one generic animation class!! It was not easy, believe me. I'm glad they are bug free to max extent.

I'll be putting up the controls' info on Codeproject soon.

Download the new version 1.5 of AutoSavePaint here. Password is same, "Paint" (without quotes). It will remain same for all releases of this project.

Feedbacks are welcome. :)


  1. I've been finding tools like this for years, thanks. But the download link seems to have expired. Could you supply a different link?

  2. Oh, I didn't notice the missing link problem. Sorry about that.

    I'm looking for a reliable website for hosting up the files. Any ideas/suggestions?

  3. I think or is a good place.

    If possible, could you send it to my email at please? That would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for asking too much :)

  4. Sure I will mail it now. I'll figure out reliable file hosting site later :)

  5. I would like to test this software, I will also recommend it if its good.


  6. Thanks Faraaz! I'll mail a copy to you.


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