Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How to configure applications without IP dependency

Many times we migrate machines/VMWare images from one place to another, affecting their domain and IPs. Sometimes we just fancy a different name for the machine. In both cases, the applications installed on that machine which are sensitive to the IP or machine name are required to be reconfigured. Siebel Ent. Applications is one of such products. However, the solution to such situations is very simple.

The problem can be divided in to two situations -
1. IP changes.
2. Machine name changes.

The following trick should be performed before the above changes to keep the matters simple.

In the "host(s)" file (found in etc sub-folder on *nix and %windir%\system32\drivers\etc on Windows NTs), add a new machine name for the same machine IP address. Use this "new machine name" while configuring the applications, wherever required.

1. In case of IP change-
Change the IP for all the machine names in the hosts file for the same network adapter. Replace all the instances of the old IP to new one.

2. In case of machine name change -
Nothing needs to be done!


  1. Have you ever read Rusty Bed Springs by I P Nightly?

    The only machine that I switch over to is the coffee maker.

  2. Mr. Coppens, I'm sure you must have a reason for turning on the coffee maker when you need to write a post in MS Word :), but there are some people who will really like this post as it can save their 5 man hours by using this trick.
    Hope you are doing well :)


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