Thursday, August 7, 2008


Its weird. Its late. Its bed time. 8-/

But I had this question in my mind since afternoon when I got the news that my colleague has been given official warning to remove the tons of applications that he has installed in his laptop (which according to IT dept. was the reason of its jerky performance).

Now, this is totally idiotic!! x-(

I mean, we work for software industry and we cannot live without multiple applications sitting in the computer, even though its not even activated 70% of the time. But we need them! Damn the policies - you can't use public chats, no personal networking, no music, no videos. But you can't even use Firefox?? And who the f*ck called it a pirated software???? God! Do you even hear what you say? Darn you managers and idiots in IT dept. - you suck big time.

And I am not any less bull-headed than a real bull. I am challenging them to prove that the softwares we have installed are pirated or not licensed. Ha! You can't do that x-P !! And we are developers. How are you going to stop us from writing our own stuffs and using them without notifying IT of the new-kids-in-town? Yeah, yeah, I heard you say that it would be okay because we wrote them. CRAP! Do you think (L)GPL based sourceforge projects are different from what we write - are they really viruses and trojans put up on public display hoping idiots like us will use them without knowing the risks? Get a f*cking life!!

I think I should start writing my new resume. A company which doesn't feel that they hired responsible employees doesn't grow at all.

But when was it that they ever trusted us? Huh?!!


  1. I really appreciate your thinking.

    “A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned how to walk forward.”

    Some body said that

    As I open my window

    I have to remind myself

    That the sorrows of yesterday

    Are done.

    And no matter how much I like it or hate it,

    It happened .

    If only, if only, we could really forgive and forget

    Wouldn’t it be easier ?

    No longer will I have to suffer


    Through writing

    My sorrows

    Are gone.

  2. You can't forgive and forget everything, or you are as good as a lamp post. Every dog shits on you and you stand there happily. =D


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