Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Uno - A final touch!

After long hours of hair pulling over simple bugs, I am happy to present the first release of a kind of Uno game. It's still not optimized, but at least it works.

The bitmap routines can be lot optimized, as Tommy Carlier said in previous post's comment. Hopefully, they will be done before I get busy again.

Just download the ZIP file and extract it to get the setup, and run it to install the game. If you don't have .NET Framework 2.0, the setup will take you to the page where you can download it, and install later on. This is the only limitation of the applications created in .NET, mostly.

File link : Uno 1.0 Setup (Zipped)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Uno - A classic game

Though it is far away from any real play, I am still working on the animation and AI. The player can't make any move so far, but the computer can.

Right now the problem is coming in the painting of the client screen of the form. Though the form is invalidated (ideally, invalidation shouldn't be done manually in this simple interface) after loading the cards, it doesn't get refreshed.

Phew! I have really worked on the images - created all of them myself. Though they don't look excellent, but they resemble the new real cards. I hope this project finishes off quickly. It's real nice game. Maybe later on, I'll add the network play support. But first, let me win against the computer.

The rules are very simple ones, but I don't know the name. Maybe different types of Uno games will supported (though I haven't played others) once I get to know the rules. If you know some, please drop some comments. It will be really helpful! :)

Oh, in case you are wondering what is Uno, it's a card game for 2+ players. Check this and this for more details.

File: 2007-03-17 snapshot (removed)
Attachment type : Zip file
For compilation, needs .NET 2.0

Making of a wheel

Hey everyone!

This post officially starts my new blog - Technical Disasters, rather "My Technical disasters". I hope you find something useful or just for amusement here.

As a developer, I have created hundreds of apps which have not seen the face of this bad bad world. But after 8 years, I think I have enough knowledge to create something useful. Let's see, how far I go. :)

Do check out my creations. Though they might require a few things extra (in which case I'll properly document), I am sure you will like them.